Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Not yet convinced that legal design can also be applied in your legal context? Sign up for our "Get inspired" session and challenge us with your concrete cases. We will show you our legal design alternatives and advise you on how legal design can be used in your specific situation.

What will you learn?

  • The bigger picture of legal design 
    What is legal design? Why legal design? What are the application possibilities? Which barriers prevent legal professionals from using legal design?

  • Practical understanding of legal design building blocks
    Design thinking: What is design thinking? What does a typical legal design process look like? Which tools can we use in each step of the design process?
    Information design: How to present complex information in a way that makes it most accessible and easy to understand by your target audience? How to write for your target audience?
    Visual thinking: Why is visual communication so powerful? How to use visual elements (e.g. colour, icons, graphs) meaningfully?

  • To communicate with impact
    What are the most effective techniques to communicate complex information in a clear and user-friendly way based on user research? 

  • How to redesign documents in Word (or PowerPoint)
    How to apply various design techniques to turn your text-heavy documents into visually appealing documents that are more clear, concise and better structured so that they are easy to navigate, read and understand.

Practical information

  • 3-hour interactive training session (in person)
  • Dutch or English
  • No prior knowledge or preparation required