Legal design is becoming a popular subject in the legal industry, but it can seem too complicated. So how about exploring it beyond the buzz? Sign up for our "Discover" session and get to know the basics of legal design.

What will you learn?

  • The bigger picture of legal design (what, why and how)
  • The ins and outs of legal information design
  • Practical understanding of legal design building blocks (design thinking, information design and visual thinking)
  • How to redesign complex legal texts. We will explore various techniques to turn text-heavy legal documents into visually appealing documents that are clear and well-structured, making them easy to navigate, read and understand.
  • How to apply these techniques to various legal documents based on real-life examples (e.g. contracts, general terms and conditions, policies, litigation proceedings).

Practical information

  • 2-hour interactive training session (online or in person)
  • Dutch or English: your choice
  • No prior knowledge or preparation required